A stark economic dividing line: Rowayton & South Norwalk

In Connecticut, some very wealthy communities and some low-income neighborhoods are right next to each other. Looking at this map of median household incomes by census tract, some of those borders really jump out. One of the most striking is the difference between Rowayton and South Norwalk. Rowayton’s median household income is $153,036. In South Norwalk it’s $24,661.

WSHU’s Craig LeMoult visited both communities to see how the people there interact with one another. Here’s his story:

Residents of Rowayton and South Norwalk are probably no different than people all over this state – divided into communities that reflect where they stand in the state’s vast economic range. And there’s very little communication across that line.

Here’s an interactive map of the region and some data charts, created by the Connecticut State Data Center at UCONN. Another interactive map is here.

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