How does Connecticut’s disparity compare nationally?

When it comes to incomes, Connecticut has one of the biggest disparities between its richest and poorest citizens. This interactive map was created by the Connecticut State Data Center at the University of Connecticut. Click on each state to see its score in the Gini Index, a scale of disparity.

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One Comment on “How does Connecticut’s disparity compare nationally?”

  1. This website could make it easier to view the data without all the scrolling – readers want easy to read and save information. I have lived in northern Fairfield County CT the past two years and for twenty years 1976-1996 with 15 years between when I returned to my native Indiana where there is much less disparity in wealth but also less educational attainment. Both earlier when I lived in the Hartford area and now I refer to CT as “the land of plenty” while being sorely aware of the disparity that exists. As I age I have become less tolerant of how “entitled” people present themselves here. I hope this blog and study will take a close look at how a sense of entitlement can skew (subtly in some cases and overtly in others)the balance of power among people and towns in CT. I will follow this study with interest as one who dwells in a highly entitled area but who comes from a very different culture.

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